Thursday, January 21, 2010

Craze became the Rage

It  seems I was infatuated with the possibilites of Crystal Craze after doing one window so I began looking for other places to use the product.

Because the pantry had four glass doors and a lot of mismatched china and glasswear, I thought obscuring the glass with Crystal Craze would be a practical solution to the cluttered look.
I noticed a Sears ad in the Sunday paper that consisted of a stylized fruit arrangement.  Fruit at Sears?  I think it was around the holidays and was more of a sponsorship thing than an ad.  But I saw how the pattern could be embellished to cover the eight panels in my pantry doors and I was off and running. (Yes, that is Cookie Monster hiding in the shadows.)
This was more ambitious than the window on the stairs.  By the time I got to the seventh panel, I was questioning my commitment, but I persevered and the results were worth it.

As with all such results, they last as long as the next whim.  When the kitchen cabinets were switched to white, the pantry went white as well.  Fabric behind the glass keeps the contents private and some beads snapped up at a garage sale complete the look.