Friday, March 26, 2010

It Was More Than A House

I have blogged extensively about the house and grounds at Spring and Hartford but the most precious transformation was of Jodie and Scotty as they went from preschoolers to independent adults.

Here are a few pictures to trigger some memories of and for the people who came together in this house.

Let me begin with a few of the birthdays that took place from 1977-2010.
This was the very first birthday we celebrated at 3802 Hartford.  Ross and Stephanie were invited as well as the Linebach girls from a few houses away.
The cousins often celebrated together.
You probably figured the one on the left was for Scott.
Sometimes we had store bought cakes and sometimes home made.  No matter where they came from, there were no leftovers.
Jodie's birthday often falls within a day or two of Easter so we combined our celebrations.
Amber and Sheila shared June 18th as a mutual birth date.
This was a huge milestone for Jodie.
My 40th surprise birthday party,  back in the days when I still worked out.