Sunday, January 24, 2010


Another strong focal point in the house is a mirror I snapped up at a yard sale many years ago.
I was stunned when I found this large mirror resting against the side of a garage in a modest city neighborhood.  As yard sale junkies know, you can't judge what you might find by the size or condition of the house.  This item was tucked between the garage and a tall fence where it looked SO out of place and yet so regal.  The price tag of $150 was a little steep for me at the time but I knew it was worth that and more.  It was a must have!

Even though it stood 8' tall, it looked odd not reaching as high as the top of the windows in the room.  So a good friend and neighbor volunteered to construct an oak riser and rounded tread to bring it to a height that seemed more balanced.

But, of course, it could not just stand on it's own.  It needed to be anchored to a wall that was plaster over brick.  So I enlisted my very helpful brothers who are experienced in things of this nature.  Together they determined a safe system to secure my lovely mirror to the wall.
Once in place, it definately took command of the room which is what I had hoped for.  Originally there had been a fireplace in this location but that too was removed by a previous owner.  Although I had restored two of the missing fireplaces on this floor, I felt this room would benefit from something different.

The metallic gold frame lasted through the Victorian phase with the East Lake furniture but when I shifted to a paler color scheme and a more deco look, I felt the frame would blend more easily in another color.

It has managed the transition of many furniture changes while remaining the focal point of the room.

This regal garage sale piece still reigns today from the same throne.

Although the frame has wonderful detailing, I think the simple color allows it to work well with my changing style and decor.