Sunday, January 31, 2010

Up to the Top

There are two bedrooms on the third floor and some pretty good closet space.  This turned out to be the perfect place for the kid's rooms. They started out with Jodie in the north room and Scott on the southside.  But over the years they switched back and forth.
A deal on some red carpeting started this room off. The wallpaper (probably compliments of the very first owner) had to be removed.  The tank on the wall is the expansion tank for the radiator system.  By the way, the carpet stayed even after Jodie and Stephanie tipped over a gallon of paint while working on a little painted furniture project.  It was a little stiff in places but until I was ready to refinish the floors, it stayed.
I chose a bold sailboat pattern for Scott's room and even made shades from the left over paper.  I think I had some idea to make the expansion tank a part of the nautical theme but that never happened.
The room on the north side first belonged to Jodie.  She got the "girlie" paper for her room.  Even the color of her record player tied in to the wallpaper.  Not sure we planned it that way but let's say we did.
The previous owner left a roomful of matching bedroom furniture which worked out great for this room.  I painted it white with pink trim.  Wish I had taken a before shot but little did I know at the time that rescuing painted furniture would become an obsession or that someday I would want it for a blog.
The reflection in the mirror shows a headboard that was a garage sale find.  Wish I still had that.
My dad built a raised area in the dormer for a small table and chairs where Jodie could have tea parties or teach her dolls to read.  We carpeted that area with a remnant in green which worked well with the wallpaper.  A little of the wallpaper found it's way onto the side of the bookcase.  We were nothing if not coordinated.
As you might guess, these rooms went through some phases; none of which were picture worthy. Both kids had waterbeds as did I, and as I found out, waterbeds are a decorators worst nightmare.  After the kids left home, these rooms became a guest bedroom and a sewing room.  (That translates to: store whatever you can cram into this room until you figure out why the heck you need it.)
Recently I parted with much of the contents on this floor.  Since the house is now on the market, I no longer had the luxery of a place to "hide" my mess.  The step up was removed from this dormer and a window seat was added.  It is now ready for a new owner with fresh ideas and dreams.

I had the expansion tank removed and replaced it with a much smaller one that attaches to the furnace in the basement.  Hmmm, wonder why I didn't do that sooner?

The window seat in the dormer was added to create a path for the flow of central air-conditioning.


While speaking of the living room, I will give the briefest of scans through the decades.  It by no means documents all the changes but, to be honest, I don't have that many pictures.